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How to use LiveDVD?

Dear students:
You are welcome to use LiveDVD to learn English; please note the following things:

1. Accounts and Passwords
(1)Please put your student ID number as your account number, 
(2)Use 20110101 as your password to log-in for the first time. Please change your password to avoid your account being abused by others.
(3)If you cannot log in, please contact Jason in person.

2. Procedure and Instructions
(1) Please go to (PowerCam) or (PPS) for instructions.
(2) You can go to http://livedvd.stut.edu.tw to check your viewing history.

3. Downloading the software

(1) Please go to  download after logging into the Eportal at STUST website to download the software.

(2)Please noteThe software can only be used with an on-campus IP, excluding the student dormitory.