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Rules of Use

General Guidelines

1. During the semester early reservation is preferable (not required during vacation).

2. Check in and out of center on entry and excellent.

3. Please bring your personal headphones (the counter has 10 sets for use  with English consultation).

4. Only water is permitted in the center. All other food and beverages are prohibited.

5. Cell phones must be in silent mode.

6. Before admission please complete all personal needs (eating, toiletry, etc.). After admission please do not leave your seat. In case of an emergency, or departure from the center for more than 10 minutes, inform the counter personnel, or the seat will be cancelled.

7.  The center's resources are not available for outside loan or download.

8. If the equipment malfunctions inform center personnel. Do not attempt to repair it yourself.

9. The center is not a library reading; you may practice pronunciation by speaking aloud.


The behavior below is strictly prohibited

1. Changing the computers desktop settings (background, position of files, homepage).

2 Using Youtube to watch non-educational videos.

3. Sleeping (particularly leaving saliva on the tabletop).

4 Leaving garbage behind and not cleaning eraser shavings.

5. Not muting cell phones.

6. Putting on makeup and nail polish.


The following actions will result in cancellation of your seat number

1. Accessing websites unrelated to language learning

2. Reading content unrelated to language learning or doing other homework (e.g. Do not look up English words from other courses -- this does not constitute English language practice. This can be done in the library. Please keep the centers resources for language learning).

3. Sleeping. If you feel tired please stretch and move. Do not lie on the desk.


The conditions below will result in personnel asking you to leave the center. Other situations will be dealt with in accordance with University regulations and compensation guidelines.

1. Checking in other classmates (Upon discovery, inspectors will notify the student's home room teachers for appropriate action).

2. Unauthorized downloading of software, or use of media and software not provided by the center.

3. Unauthorized modification, copying, or deletion of the center's computer programs.

4. Browsing websites unrelated to language learning, sending and receiving personal e-mails or elective login.

5. Unauthorized adjustment of the instrument panels