A Lifeline to Improving Your English

Do you feel you are determined to learn English, but with such a large variety of learning resources you do not know where to start?

Do you desire that a teacher can clarify your confusion and support your learning progress?

We believe that rather than giving students a fish, it is better to give the students the fishing rod and fishing skills.

This center provides a "fishing rod" to learn English, and we hope at the same time that our instructors will provide guidelines, giving you the courage and ability to teach yourself English.

Our methods:

1. Our English majors will counsel non-English majors.

2. Our English majors will work out an 18 hour study plan over the semester for you.

3. Location: S212 in the Foreign Language Self Learning Center.

4. Free to join and counts towards self-study credits.


1. Non-English majors who consider themselves to be committed and driven to making friends in English and with English.

2. This program is suitable for those with limited English ability.

3. If you are heavily involved in club activities or think you may frequently need to change times, please do not apply.

4. The goal of this center is to help people who sincerely want to learn English, not merely to pass tests. If your goal is simply to pass tests, please do not apply.

Method of Application:

1. Please fill out the form (see attachment) before 9/25 (b) and submit it to the Foreign Language Self Learning Center.

2. When filling out the form please note that the more timeslots you provide the more likely it is for you to get a suitable teacher.

3. Please note that because counselor's need to match their times with yours, we cannot guarantee application will ensure a counselor at the time you want.


English Fishing Rod-Student Counseling Application Form