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English Learning Consultation Time (1st semester, academic year 2012)
Time periods and teachers available for consultation during weekdays are listed below:

AEnglish Learning Consultation/Room S212

        (Please link)    http://s212.lc.stust.edu.tw/tc/node/02

An appointment is need for the consultation. Please contact Jason (Jason@mail.stust.edu.tw)  
for an appointment.

When you make an appointment, please leave your information (class, name, contact phone number, time, and the name of the teacher available for consultation), and briefly describe the learning problems you would like to consult on. Everyone has 20-30 minutes for consultation each time.

BConversation Practice with Foreign Teachers/ Room S312

         (please link)    http://s212.lc.stust.edu.tw/tc/node/active-3

An appointment is not needed for this activity.