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Frequently-used English in the Self-learning Center

In the following situations, you MUST use English to communicate, or the self-learning center will ignore your requests.

It doesn’t matter if your pronunciation is not good or if your English is not fluent, you MUST open your mouth and practice speaking. Meanwhile, please note your etiquette during conversation:

1. While talking, please look at the staff of the Self-learning Center. Do not just read from your notes.

2. Please wear a smile, and don’t forget to say “thank you.”

Situation 1
No appointment made in advanced

I didn't make a reservation, may I have a seat for one hour? Thank you.
reservation / seat / hour / 

Situation 2Forgot to bring headphones  
May I borrow a pair of headphones? Thank you. 
Please lend me a pair of headphones, thank you.
borrow / lend / a pair of / headphones /

Situation 3Cancelling a seat
I want to cancel my seat, thank you. 
May I cancel my reservation? Thank you.
cancel / cancer / (Don’t mix up the pronunciation of these two words)

Situaiton 4:Doing GEPT online test
Please check the grade for me, thank you.
Can you check the score for me ? Thank you.
Vocabulary:grade / score /

Situation 5:Need to go out
I want to go out for a moment.

Situation 6:Need to go to the restroom
(If it’s very urgent or you feel embarrassed, you could just go directly without telling the staff at the front desk. In addition, toilet paper is available for you at the front desk.)

I want to go to toilet.  
toilet / lavatory /