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 Self-Access Foreign Language Learning Center is managed by the Language Center, located at S building room 212, has been open to learners since September 2003. The center is a place where students can find all sorts of multi-media resources and materials to help them improve any aspect of their language learning.

 The target language in the center is English. In addition, there are self-study materials for the following languages: Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Russian. The center holds a wide selection of language learning materials, including computer-assisted language learning programs, books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, satellite TV programs, and CD-Roms. We also divided those materials into different categories, such as business, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, dictionaries, vocabulary, films, test and exam practice.

 Students can do almost anything they like to improve their language ability. There are friendly and helpful teachers and staffs on duty from Monday to Friday. We help students find materials, also discuss learners' progress, and help them sort out any difficulties they may have with their learning.